Welcome to the 'Image From Text' web page.

This page is designed to deliver an image based on a text value.
The text would be included in the URL address. Like => https://VegaDiscoveries.com/imagefromtext/default.aspx?Text
This example would produce the following result:

Using this page, in this way, you can embed any text on any web page as an image.
Just set the src attribute of an image to the page with the text included.
Example: <img src="https://VegaDiscoveries.com/imagefromtext/default.aspx?Text" />

The primary purpose for Vega Discoveries creating this page was to be able to create math equations as images.
These images would be used to test the user of a web page to verify that a page is being submitted by a human and not a computer program.

Used in conjuction with the web service that produces a randomly created math equation you get the following result.

Using the web service and this page we get a new math equation with each refresh of the page.